Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 16:24:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Phillip Tourney <>
Subject: McCain Confronted on USS LIBERTY COVER -UP And media Accomplices
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My name is Phillip F. Tourney, survivor of the brutal MURDERS of 34 of my shipmates on June 8 1967 by the State of Israel. 174 others were also wounded as I was.
 This past memorial day in California, Senator Mccain called my friend and USS LIBERTY supporter, James Morris, a JERK for asking a very simple question about the cover up by this government as well as Israel into this very historic piece of history. In doing so he called us all jerks, the MURDERED, the wounded and the families of the vicious unprovoked attack in international waters with our flag flying high as always.
Senator McCain stands with Israel on this issue as well as every other issue concerning Israel covering up the USS LIBERTY MURDERS!!
There has never been an official investigation as this senator and others have said they are lying to the American people and we can prove it by the USS LIBERTY VETERANS and supporters.
We want our day in court, put us in front of congress and see who is telling the truth - the American heros who gave their lives, limbs, and blood for this country or the State of Israel. 
Many war crimes were committed by the State of Israel upon Americans. This can not stand as the Nazis were brought to justice for MURDER so must all involved in this act of war and war crimes on American sailors and marines on the high seas can not be tolerated. There is no statue of limitations on MURDER.
I want the senator to respond to these war crimes. Please go to the following link to review the questions posed by James Morris at the bequest of me and other survivors and supporters of the truth about the USS LIBERTY:   This links to a you tube you must watch.
I respect the senator's service to our country in a time of war but on this issue he is miles apart from the real truth about the slaughter of Americans on the high seas, and he knows the truth, about the State of Israel on June 8, 1967 until this very moment.
Looking forward to a timely response.
Phillip F. Tourney, combat wounded veteran 
Saturdays at   7 PM EST