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August, 2013:
"LIBERTY INJUSTICES -- A Survivor's Account of American Bigotry" by Ernest A. Gallo.

Carrying the scars of this attack would be bad enough, but learning of a United States and Israeli government cover-up of the facts of the attack has added insult to injury for the brave men who survived this attack. Add in bigotry and prejudice toward the USS Liberty survivors because of their quest to reveal the truth of the events of that fateful day, you cannot read this book without feeling a deep-seated rage at what governments will do to protect their interests -- even to the point of wronging the very protectors of their nation.

Ernie reports that the book is available from,, and Ernie adds if you order the book from him, he'll pay the postage, tax, and will sign it. The book is $20 (soft copy). Address: Ernie Gallo, 6 Clearview Court South, Palm Coast, FL 32137. Checks accepted.

THE BIGGEST!   680 pages!

Published September, 2012, "Beyond Treason -- Reflections on the Cover-up of the June 1967 Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty an American Spy Ship" by Robert J Allen.

The simple fact is that they admitted it. They had to after being caught red-handed. The evidence did not sink to the bottom of the Mediterranean and there were witnesses.

The Israeli government admitted to the June 8, 1967 attack by Israeli Defense Forces on the American "spy" ship USS Liberty. The Liberty was a SIGINT or signals intelligence gathering ship. In that attack, on an American ship in the Eastern Mediterranean, 34 military personnel including a civilian crew member were murdered, and 175 were wounded, with enough damage to the ship to end her useful service life. Among the 34 dead, 33 were naval personnel and one was a civilian employee of the National Security Agency, the NSA. The ship had a crew compliment of 290 officers and men including three civilian linguists.

"Beyond Treason" is available at

new book USS LIBERTY
"WHAT I SAW THAT DAY... Israel's 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard the USS Liberty and its Aftermath" by survivor Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn.

One of the best books out about the Liberty massacre! A real page turner, you can't put it down! Some comments:

"Justice for the U.S.S. Liberty. This is what I will pray for tonight."
"Why did we wait 43 Years to bring this out?? Those in charge at that time should be arrested and brought to trial."

5/17/2010: Hot off the presses! Newest version finally back from the printers and available NOW! Hop on over to AMAZON and get your order in, the book is going fast!

An AUDIO VERSION of the book is also available:

new book USS LIBERTY
A new book, released June 2, 2009, a week before the 42nd anniversary of the attack. The book, written by James Scott, is titled "The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship." James Scott is the son of USS LIBERTY's Damage Control Officer John Scott and has taught publication ethics and is a Fellow at Harvard University.

I read the book in two days, eagerly sopping up the new information dug up by James, particularly with respect to the backdoor shenanigans going on in DC by the Israeli apologists and the U.S. government in trying to keep a lid on the story. The book is a thunderclap and should wake up America.

Click on the book picture on the right and check out the new web site dedicated to the book at Feel free to share the web site with anyone you feel might be interested.

The book has received outstanding reviews around the world:   CLICK HERE

The new book is available from and book stores everywhere.

In December 2009, a USS LIBERTY book appeared, "SHIP WITHOUT A COUNTRY -- Eyewitness Accounts of the USS Liberty Attack," by Victor Thorn and Mark Glenn, and includes many survivor stories about the attack.

In this book readers will come into contact with many facts -- disturbing items that have been kept deliberately, some might even say fanatically hidden for nearly half a century.

They paint the ultimate picture of set-up, betrayal, and cover-up; both by Israel and elements within the U.S. government of an event that had it gone as planned, it would have kicked off a monumental (possibly nuclear) exchange between the US and USSR and irrevocably changed life as the world knows it.

new book USS LIBERTY
Not quite so recent as Scott's book is another terrific work by Jeff Gates, -- "Guilt By Association -- How Deception and Self-deceit Took America To War." Jeff devotes a chapter that displays the Washington political hubbub around the USS Liberty massacre by Israel. He makes that chapter (4) "McCain Family Secret: The Cover-up" available on the internet, and I have just finished reading it -- and came away with the question, "How did our government get so miserably corrupt?" Yes, a national disgrace!

For much more information on the book, click on the picture on the right. You can also read chapter 4 there and may also order the book on-line. It is a "must read" for every American citizen!!

The book is also available from and other book stores everywhere.

Pix of LT Ennes USS Liberty Jim Ennes, an officer on the bridge of the LIBERTY during the attack has written an excellent book Assault on the Liberty which tells the story. The 1980 book has been reprinted with an updated addendum. Click on picture at left for a sample chapter.

"Conspiracy of Silence" by Anthony Pearson, Quartet Books, 1978

It is said that Tito Howard ("Loss of Liberty" video producer) inspired Pearson to write this book after a large article ("Mayday! Mayday!") by Pearson appeared in Penthouse Magazine in May and June 1976. In the early 80's, a close friend of Pearson's reports receiving a call from Pearson complaining of being poisoned by a cup of coffee. Rushed to the hospital, Pearson died a few days later. Others report Pearson died of two strokes, while still others say he is still alive, living in Kenya.
Ennes published his book, "Assault on the Liberty" shortly followed Pearson's.
The Penthouse articles can be viewed: (large files!)
May 1976: and June 1976:

CIA, USS Liberty
Richard Helms, Director of the CIA 1966-1973, wrote (with William Hood), "A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency." His views regarding the USS Liberty attack are on pages 300 - 301 of the book. Read an excerpt from these pages by clicking on picture at left.

A newly-released companion book to the "Dead in the Water" video described above is now available. The book is written by Peter Hounam, who investigated and researched the material for the video. At this writing, the book is available at for $17.47. There are a couple of excellent book reviews available you should read. To read the reviews, click on the image of the book at left.

Peter Hounam is the journalist that worked with Mordechai Vanunu in blowing the whistle on Israel's nuclear production some 20 years ago. Hounam was arrested by Israel when Vanunu was released in 2004 after 18 years of imprisonment, with a gag order imposed by a judge. Hounam was released some 24 hours later.

"THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT" by Paul Findley. Written by a former congressman, this book details the enormous influence of the Israeli Lobby in the USA. The book tells about the ease with which politics can be manipulated by another country. Details of Israeli influence in the White House, the press, universities, churches -- throughout America are given. The book will leave you somewhat depressed over the sad state of affairs of this nation, -- most importantly -- over the influence that Israel has over our congress. This book is "must" reading for every American citizen. The book is available at any good bookstore. Click on the book at right for one of many places it is available on the internet.

You can read the chapter about the USS Liberty: CLICK HERE to read.

Mr. Findley recently appeared (9/23/03) on Don Bustany's KPFK radio show, for which we have a short 13-minute MP3 audio clip. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio file.

Book Author USS Liberty Liberty book by Borne An outstanding book, The USS Liberty, Dissenting History vs. Official History, by Dr. John Borne has recently appeared. Dr. Borne did the study for his doctoral dissertation at New York University. Doctor Borne had his ducks lined up, called them by name, and pulled no punches in delineating the facts!

We regret to report that Dr. Borne passed away in August, 2010. More information available here:

In James Bamford's latest book, "BODY OF SECRETS" which has a chapter on the Liberty, he discloses that NSA has audio tapes showing that the Israeli pilots were talking about seeing an American flag. The tapes were made by a NSA-operated EC-121 surveillance aircraft which was flying above the area at the time. (The new soft-cover edition is out now and selling for $14.95. A real bargain!) Click on the book at the left to go to the BODY OF SECRETS web site!

Eileen Fleming's latest book, "Vanunu's WAIT for Liberty: Remembering The USS LIBERTY and My Life as a Candidate of Conscience for US HOUSE 2012", published Dec. 2012, gives the history of Vanunu and his battle for freedom, as well as the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967--all presented with the story of her 2012 congressional campaign as a backdrop. The 106 page book (13 pages devoted to the USS Liberty story) is available from a click on the book image on the left will take you to that web site. (

Eileen and her organization ("We Are Wide Awake") has been a staunch supporter of the USS Liberty survivors for many years. She has produced a dozen or so outstanding articles in a series called, "IT WAS GOD THAT KEPT US AFLOAT." You can see the list and view the superb articles by clicking on her picture at the right.

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