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by John Gidusko, LT, USN (Ret), who departed the ship on his way to his next duty station five weeks before the assault by Israel.
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A National Disgrace!

Pix of USS Liberty
"Attack one American and you attack all Americans" was once proclaimed by President Clinton. More recently, an Assistant Secretary for State proclaimed that the U. S. government always protects its citizens. President Johnson, during the Tonkin Gulf fiasco, stated, "To any armed attack upon our forces, we shall reply."

These are damned lies and meaningless words. These words were not true in 1967 (when Israel deliberately attacked the USS LIBERTY, killing 34 and wounding 174) and unfortunately, and in spite of these beautiful words, they are not even true today. Moreover, there is no such thing as justice.

On that June day in 1967, the weather was beautiful... Clear and sunny, visibility unlimited... the LIBERTY, an elaborate state-of-the art intelligence gathering platform, was in international waters off the Gaza strip and was flying the Stars and Stripes. Israeli reconnaissance planes flew overhead for hours. Pilots and ship's crew waved to each other. Then, inexplicably, unmarked aircraft began attacking the ship.

The defenseless LIBERTY radioed for help. Two aircraft carriers in the Med responded by launching fighter aircraft. Unbelievably, they were recalled by the White House. RADM Geis, then commanding the carriers in the Sixth Fleet, called Washington personally to confirm the order. SecDef McNamara came on the line, then President Johnson. Johnson indicated to Geis that the aircraft were to be returned, that he would not have his allies embarrassed, and that he didn't care who was killed or what was done to the ship. (LBJ's previous Gulf-of-Tonkin comment that "we would reply" went by the wayside.) Geis, like any good sailor, recalled the aircraft.

of LCDR Lewis USS Liberty
(Click on the picture of CDR Dave Lewis at the right to hear Dave tell about his conversation with Admiral Geis.)

With no help forthcoming, the LIBERTY fell an easy victim to Israel's motor torpedo boat attack. FIVE torpedoes were lobbed at the Liberty, one hit amidships and instantly killed 25 sailors. A total of 34 died in the attack, 174 were injured.

The torpedo boats came within 50 feet of the ship, couldn't see the American flag on the mast, couldn't see the words "USS LIBERTY" on the stern, couldn't see "GTR-5" in 6 1/2 foot letters on the bow, nor the 16-ft diameter satellite dish antenna on the stern. The boats shot at white-Dixie-cup-hatted American sailors on the deck of the Liberty as the sailors tried to help one another. As life rafts were put in the water by Liberty sailors in preparation for abandoning the ship, the boats shot them up. One boat pulled a raft out of the water and took it on board. Didn't see the words "U. S. NAVY" stenciled on it. The boats left the scene, apparently when they got erroneous word that the carriers had sent fighters to help the Liberty.

President Johnson went on television and announced to the American people that TEN sailors were killed in the "six minute accidental" attack. Sailors were ordered not to discuss the incident with ANYONE under threat of court-martial. We waited for the investigation... and for the explanations and the answers. Why did Israel attack the ship? Why did the U. S. Government turn its back on the crew members? The answers never came.

There has NEVER been a congressional investigation. There HAS been a NAVY- directed white-washed inquiry into the crew's actions during the attack, but Israel's participation was NOT covered. Even in this, evidence was changed, and officers and crew who knew the answers were not asked the right questions and were told to shut up when they offered information. Sixty-seven written statements submitted by the crew members "disappeared," never saw the light of day.

Other than the Navy's kangaroo-court inquiry mentioned above, there has NEVER been a single Liberty sailor questioned by congress or anybody else in a formal investigation.

When Admiral Kidd came aboard the ship a few days after the attack, he informally gathered sailors in small groups of 4 or 5, took his stars off his collar, told the guys that he was just a sailor like them and asked them what happened. After the sailors who were happy to tell their stories to competent authority, Kidd put his stars back on his collar and told them they were not to talk about the attack with anyone, not even their wives. If they ever mentioned a word about the attack, they would be subjected to court martial or worse...

In 2002, retired Navy captain Ward Boston, one of the Navy's chief legal counsels who conducted the Navy's inquiry with Admiral Kidd in 1967, said the Navy inquiry was a sham and a fraud and both he and Adm. Kidd knew that the attack was not an accident but deliberate. In January 2004, just prior to the State Departments USS Liberty Panel, Boston published a formal declaration as to his statements which can be seen at: . Boston passed away June 12, 2008.

Pix of Asst Sec Defense 
Stenbit USS Liberty At the AFEI conference for Net Centric Operations 2003 on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA, Honorable John Stenbit, Assistant Secretary for Defense C3I, said, "The Israeli's told us 24 hours before that we had a ship called the Liberty, and if we didn't move it they would sink it. Unfortunately, the ship was not moved and by the time the message arrived the ship was taking on water."

We don't yet have the complete text of that presentation, but we DO have the complete text of a presentation Stenbit gave a month earlier, on March 13, 2003, at Harvard University in which he makes the same claim. You can view his remarks at:

The attack has been a matter of controversy since 1967. Survivors and many key government officials including Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Moorer say the attack was no accident. CLICK HERE to see a long list of notable officials who believe the attack was deliberate. Two Israeli officers have come forward to admit that the attack was no accident. Yet the Israeli government and its supporters insist it was a "tragic case of misidentification" and charge that survivors and their eyewitness supporters are lying.

Pix of Adm 
Moorer USS Liberty (Click on Admiral Moorer's picture at the left to hear what he has to say about the attack.) Please read Admiral Moorer's statement on the 30th anniversary of the massacre by CLICKING HERE.

Admiral Moorer, together with Jim Ennes made stirring speeches at a forum held in Washington, DC on Sept. 7, 1985. You can hear this 16-minute file of the speeches in an .MP3 file.
To hear the file, CLICK HERE

During the week of Jan. 11, 2004, the U.S. State Department held a forum on the 1967 war and the USS Liberty. Here's a scathing column by Adm. Moorer written during the week that appeared in the Houston Chronicle and the Stars and Stripes, a pitch for a fully empowered investigation by the American government. CLICK HERE to read

Note: Admiral Moorer, 91, passed away on 2/5/04. Tribute and information can be found HERE: CLICK HERE to read

The ship's crew is bitter. It is bitter because its own country turned its back on them... it is bitter because someone killed 34 Americans and got away with it...what's more, that its own government covered up the truth and HELPED them get away with it!

"Ahhh," you say. "Anti-Semitism!" No. Many of the ship's crew are Jewish, and we have many Jewish friends. We are NOT anti-Semitic. We ARE anti-Israel. We know that Israel has controlled the American congress for years... to the point where 34 dead sailors can go un-investigated!

"A man who is good enough to shed his blood
for his country is good enough to be given a square
deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled to,
and less than that no man shall have."
--------------------- Theodore Roosevelt

Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. --- Barry Goldwater

The history of the race, and each individual's experience,
are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill
and that a lie told well is immortal.
-------------------- Mark Twain

Larry Weaver USS Liberty
The torpedo that hit the USS Liberty and killed 25 was fired from the USS AMBERJACK, so reports survivor Larry Weaver, who has just gone through another medical operation, his 34th!!

In June 2012 during the 45th anniversary of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS LIBERTY, Larry appeared on at least four radio/internet interviews and told the world his startling story of contacts with two USS AMBERJACK sailors who claim the Amberjack fired the torpedo that hit the Liberty! Larry promises to tell the whole story in a book he is writing.

In the meantime, here is a short 7-minute audio clip of Larry's interview with Popeye's Down the Rabbit Hole program on June 8th, 2012.

Larry's complete interview with Popeye runs 1 hr 28 mins, can be heard here:
(Give it time to load, it's a 10mb file!)

And now here in 2014, Larry again appears on Popeye's Down the Rabbit hole program and reaffirms his story of the American submarine USS Amberjack firing the torpedo that hit the USS Liberty in 1967. Larry is a story teller and also tells of his highly emotional story during and after the attack. It runs an hour and 44 minutes, but you won't notice it:

On Wednesday, June 8, 2005, the attorney for the USS Liberty Veterans Association filed a report with the Department of Defense detailing the war crimes the Israelis committed during their June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty.

According to the directive that governs the submission of the report the Department of Defense is required to conduct an investigation. If they do not, the survivors have recourse.

The press release:
CLICK HERE for Press Release

The War Crime charges and report:
CLICK HERE for War Crime report

On April 20, 2006, after having received no substantive communication since the filing of the report, two retired US Navy Admirals, one a Navy Judge Advocate General officer who in June 1967 was attached to the command of Admiral John S. McCain and who refused to quickly sign the US Navy Court of Inquiry Report, wrote a detailed letter to the Secretary of the Army with copies to the Secretary of the Navy and to US Senator and former Secretary of the Navy John Warner.

You can read this letter at:

Americans deserve the truth -- why were two flights of rescue aircraft that had been launched from Sixth Fleet aircraft carriers within minutes of the beginning of the attack recalled almost immediately after launch? That act turned the US Sixth Fleet into the role of spectator listening to our calls for help on their radios as the attack on our ship lasted for another 90 minutes. That act is also a capital violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The Department of the Army has replied to Admirals Staring and Hill, dated May 15, 2006. Got the same brush off. Read the Army's response:

Admirals Staring and Hill haven't given up! They have just written again to Senator Warner, and included all the files they have incorporated in their previous documents. You can read this July 22, 2006 letter at:

Admiral Hill passed away August 29, 2011. Obituary here:

Admiral Staring passed away June 3, 2013. Obituary here:

Crew roster as of 6/13/67

honor USS Liberty Vets

Your wouldn't believe it, but it's true! The AMERICAN LEGION HONCHOS BETRAY THE LIBERTY VETERANS! All over the country American Legion members staunchly support the Liberty survivors 100% -- and getting resolutions forwarded to the upper echelon in the AL is no problem. BUT -- once it gets there, it never sees the light of day, furthermore, Liberty survivors are mistreated, ousted and jailed in some cases!

Alison Weir tells the whole story in detail in an outstanding presentation of the facts! And it is a story that couldn't have been told any better... Alison put many hours of toil in doing this right and she certainly did! You will believe her when you have completed reading! CLICK ON the banner above to get the whole story from Alison!

The web site there also provides the answers to 20 commonly-asked questions about the attack:

news story of USS Liberty
news story of USS Liberty


The survivors of the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty have been beating their heads against the wall for 40 years trying to get some attention and publicity... and would you believe it? Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2007, The Chicago Tribune ran the story ON THE FRONT PAGE, above the fold, with pictures... story continuing to 2 complete inside pages! John Crewdson did an outstanding job on his story, "New Revelations in Attack on American Spy Ship!" Check it out!

nader on uss liberty


And he does! Nader made this speech on October 30, 2008, at The Forum Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio -- and every American should see this video by Karen Kilroy. It's too bad the main stream media hasn't publicized this speech more!! Nader tells the truth about Senator John McCain, A. J. Cristol's book, and the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel! Click on picture at left to play the .FLV video file, file runs about 8 minutes. For audio version, CLICK HERE . (Many thanks to David Strader!!)

Pix of Adm. Staring USS Liberty MEET REAR ADM. MERLIN STARING -- THE MAN WHO WOULDN'T SIGN THE FRAUDULENT NAVAL COURT OF INQUIRY PAPERS FAST ENOUGH! And rightly so, because in 2002, Captain Ward Boston, chief legal counsel and major figure in the Naval Court declared the Court to be fraudulent and a sham, with participants ordered to find the attack "accidental." Click on Adm. Staring's picture at left to hear what he went through when the Inquiry papers were given to him to endorse. The file is a RealAudio file, and runs about 15 mins. interviewed Admiral Staring in December, 2005, and a 28-minute audio file is available by CLICKING HERE.

Admiral Staring statement made at US Navy Memorial on June 8, 2007:

Capt. Ward Boston, on the 40th anniversary of the attack (6/8/2007): CLICK HERE TO READ

Pix of Capt. Boston USS Liberty Click on Captain Boston's picture on right to see exactly what he said about the Naval Court of Inquiry in a Navy Times article. You can hear a recent statement by Capt. Boston made to a Los Angeles attorney, Ron Gotcher, on June 14, 2003, by CLICKING HERE
A notarized, written declaration was made by Boston in January, 2004, just prior to a State Department Forum. In it, Boston says that the Naval Court was directed by McNamara and Johnson to find the Israeli attack an "accident." To read this Acrobat .PDF file, CLICK HERE.

James Crawley of the San Diego Union-Tribune spent a lot of time with Capt. Boston which resulted in an outstanding article which appeared in his paper on Feb. 17, 2004. CLICK HERE to read it, or the plain text version HERE

Note: Boston 84, passed away on 6/12/08 with complications of pneumonia.


A number of books have been published about the USS LIBERTY massacre by Israel, the newest, published August 2013, "LIBERTY INJUSTICES -- A Survivor's Account of American Bigotry" by a survivor of the 1967 attack, Ernest A. Gallo.

Ernie delineates the bigotry and prejudice the Liberty survivors suffered because of their quest to reveal the truth of the events of that fateful day and attain closure.

To see the listing of all the books about the LIBERTY with a short description, CLICK HERE.


The survivors want to publicize their story and will usually accept invitations from the media to talk about their story. A number have occurred recently, here's a compilation of those since 2006. To see the listing of audio interviews with USS LIBERTY survivors with a short description, CLICK HERE.

YOUR VOICE COUNTS with Phil Tourney

USS LIBERTY Phil Tourney
      USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney, author of "WHAT I SAW THAT DAY" is now hosting a weekly 2-hour program on the The Republic Broadcasting Network on Saturdays at 11 a.m. (Eastern) called "YOUR VOICE COUNTS." To listen in go to: and click "LISTEN LIVE ONLINE" (on upper left area of page). Call-ins are welcome, dial 1-800-313-9443.

Senator Adlai E. Stevenson, III has visited YOUR VOICE COUNTS several times and has provided some outstanding programs in his discussions with host Phil Tourney. Senator Stevenson has been a staunch supporter of the USS Liberty survivors and has included his experiences in a book, "The Black Book" available at his web site: .

You can listen to the Senator's YOUR VOICE COUNTS programs by CLICKING HERE

The beautiful young lady at the right is Cat Faber, the hard-working producer
of the Your Voice Counts show, and a songstress and composer who's done several
outstanding compositions for the Liberty survivors. Her wonderful voice
can be heard here singing:
Please Can You Tell Me
"I'll Hear the Bombs Again."


Speaking of song writers, Chuck Maultsby, an ardent supporter of the USS Liberty crew and a fantastic musician, has come up with a new song (Oct. 2015) about the Liberty attack, "Ballad of the USS Liberty." Take a listen:

Chuck has also appeared on Phil Tourney's show YOUR VOICE COUNTS in Dec. 2015 and provided an introduction for himself. Chuck is also an author of these books: "Who Should Go Down In History: The Latest and Greatest False Flag Operation in History" and "God Bless the America We Thought We Once Knew: Before Americans Take America Back, They Should Know Who To Take It Back From." Listen to this show with Chuck here:

USS LIBERTY Iranian Paper


May 21, 2011: Ali A. Jafari, reporter for the Iranian newspaper Iran Daily interviewed USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney at length, and the interview was published on four consecutive days starting this date. Interview was one of the best ever -- and a Liberty survivor was able to tell the story and have it published word-for-word!

USS LIBERTY Larry Toenjes


September 8, 2011: Texan Larry Toenjes, 74, sailed his 39-foot sailboat, the S/V LIBERTY, 7,000 miles to the exact spot in the Meditteranean where 34 American servicemen were killed and 174 wounded, to hold a special Memorial service. Toenjes had some help from friend Rusty Glenn who was picked up on the way. Full story of the memorial trip by the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs at:

John Stadtmiller, owner of the Republic Broadcasting Network provided special coverage of the event on this date for survivors Phil Tourney and Ron Kukal, hosts of the program YOUR VOICE COUNTS! to broadcast the event, enabled by Toenjes' satellite telephone on board the little boat. Service lasted 99 minutes, you can hear it here:

This page wouldn't be complete without a comment or two about A. Jay Cristol's book, "The Liberty Incident." Cristol made 16 trips to Israel in "investigating" the Liberty incident. Presumably, he had contacts with high level military and civilian personnel there -- interviewing over 500 people and brought back with him his version of the attack on the Liberty. Some of the half-dozen survivors he claims he had interviewed deny it completely.

He displays gun camera footage of the attack, obtained from Israel -- that is out-and-out fraudulent. The footage was actually obtained as the Liberty was returning to Little Creek, VA, AFTER the attack. For proof, see:

Even more damaging to the phony Israeli story are the fraudulent photos served up by the 1982 Israel Defense Force History Department, Research and Instruction Branch. They produced a comprehensive report about the attack on USS Liberty and produced photos of the attack but the ship in the photos isn't even the USS Liberty! Researcher K. J. Halliwell easily proves the intentional misdirection by the IDF!

More evidence of the gun camera photo frauds, blast hole analysis, essays, forensic analysis and other comments by researcher Halliwell:

Cristol is a past-master at twisting words, bending the truth, taking statements out of context -- his book is full of these! Being Politically Correct, he lauds the survivors as "heroes" -- and then stabs them in the back! When Dave Lewis reveals his talk with Adm. Geis, learning that the two flights to help the Liberty had been called back by McNamara and then President Johnson, Cristol says Dave is "imagining things." When Lloyd Painter and Glenn Oliphant saw the torpedo boats shooting up the life rafts in the water, he calls them liars. He denies completely that the boats kept shooting some 40 minutes after the torpedo hit. He says there are survivors that agree with his version but in the past 25 years or so that I've been associated with the survivors, I have heard of only one -- LT Maury Bennett. Cristol says there are others but he declines to mention them because he doesn't want to cause strife among the survivors.


Recently there have been some web pages put up by Cristol whereby he quotes me as calling LT Bennett a traitor. This is an excellent example of Cristol's proficiency in quoting something out of context, twisting the words and bending the truth. In an email, I called Bennett a "traitor to your shipmates" and gave the reasons for so doing. Since Bennett and Cristol have made part of the email public, I feel I now can display it here. Read the whole thing! CLICK HERE TO SEE EMAIL


When Judge Cristol's book, "The Liberty Incident" came out, it infuriated quite a few people. U.S. Navy Captain, Ward Boston, for one, who participated in the Navy's week-long inquiry in 1967, released a notarized, written declaration in January 2004, just prior to a State Department Forum, certifying that the Navy Inquiry was fraudulent.

Citizen Stephen M. St. John, of NYC, was just as infuriated... and not wanting to let Cristol's misleading letter to the editor of the New York times pass unchallenged, he filed a complaint of judicial misconduct against Judge Cristol, as shown here in a recent (August 2008) web site. Click on the picture on the left to see this interesting exchange of documents (still a work in progress).

Citizen St. John also displays a thorough and well-rounded knowledge of the USS LIBERTY massacre and of Middle East political problems in general. He titles his web site,"The Missing Piece of the Middle East Peace Puzzle." Click on the ship's picture on the right for access.


The USS LIBERTY FOUNDATION has been set up to further publicize the story of the attack on the USS Liberty by purchasing newspaper space all over the country. While some politicians and news media personnel are willing to help, some believe the subject is too politically risky to confront the Israeli lobbyists and support groups. Read all about the new USS LIBERTY FOUNDATION CLICK HERE

new book USS LIBERTY Another small town newspaper journalist has the guts to tell it like it is. Daniel Bamberg, writes a two-fisted, true article of the attack on the USS Liberty after talking with many survivors, among them local hero, Gene Owens. Bamberg and the Centreville (Alabama, pop: 3000) Press put together another terrific story in honor of the 42nd anniversary of the attack on the ship. Really well-written stories -- should be in the Washington Post or the New York Times!

Click on the graphic on the right to read this terrific story!!


July 8, 2013 -- The Manistee (MI) News Advocate carried an article by Staff Writer Dave Yarnell regarding Liberty survivor Jack Beattie and local man Ted Arens fighting to get the Liberty story out!

August 18, 2013 -- The Macomb (MI) Daily carried article by local citizen Ted Arens about the rejection by the American Legion's rejection of proposed resolutions and paid advertisements by Liberty survivor proponents!

Newsletter USS Liberty 

Some old newsletters can be viewed on the internet at:

Should you like to discuss the incident with some of the survivors, these survivors are willing to talk with you:

Gary Brummett Phone: 318-858-2258
Stan White Phone: 815-379-2066
Phil Tourney Phone: 970-856-3066
Larry Weaver Phone: 808-874-0201
Dave Lewis Phone: 802-277-8379
Ron Kukal: 307-752-6693

Survivors USS Liberty A SURVIVOR SPEAKS ... One of the survivors has something to say to you. Please read what he has to say. Click on the picture to read.

Pix of USS LIBERTY ISRAEL SAYS... they thought the ship was the Egyptian ship "El Quseir," which is a horse carrier one-fourth the size of the Liberty. OK. Here, put yourself in the pilot seat of the Israeli fighters or the Israeli motor torpedo boats... and let's take a look at the ship they saw. Click on the picture on right and LOOK. Look at the big satellite dish antenna on the fantail, look at the 6 1/2-foot high letters on the bow -- "GTR-5." Look at all the antennas. .... NOW take a look at the relative sizes and shapes of the two ships -- CLICK HERE to see them! ..... Is it the Egyptian "El Quseir?" Any 10 year-old boy in any country would know it was an American ship!


WING-TV is a big supporter of the Liberty survivors, tells the story about the attack in a documentary and is currently interviewing some survivors, with more planned. You can view the videos of the Liberty story and the interviews of 6 survivors and Admiral Staring by Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani of WING-TV by clicking on the banner above. Additionally a DVD copy of all is available, free to survivors, $10 to all others. Email: [email protected]

Note: Some years ago, I believe that RealAudio (used in the making of the above videos) changed their link procedure subsequent to the production of these videos, and accordingly, the links presented on the WING-TV page are inoperative. Therefore, until WING-TV corrects the links, we are diverting the viewer to another page, which will display the WING-TV documentary by showing the four 8 minute segments combined into one video documentary. Further, all LIBERTY interviews made by WING-TV will be displayed as .mp3 audio files. Click the banner above to view the documentary and hear the interviews.

American Free Press LIBERTY support
The American Free Press has been a staunch supporter of the Liberty survivors for many years. The June 23, 2003 edition of their paper contained a four-page supplement containing the story of the attack on the Liberty.

Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper and the Staff of the American Free Press have gone to work and produced an outstanding updated 12-page version of the USS LIBERTY report, which appeared in the June 3, 2008 issue of their magazine. The report has been updated with current information and some interviews with Liberty survivors. Click on the graphic at left to view these reports. (Additional copies are available for distribution at reasonable rates!)

The AFP's web site:

Pix of song writer USS Liberty Barbara's Letter. April 8, 1999: A Liberty widow, Mrs. Barbara Scott (Lupton) Neilson has written a really truly beautiful letter to Senator John Warner (R, VA), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Click on Barbara's picture to read her letter. If/when we see a response from Senator Warner, we will publish it here, also.

Ambassador Akins speech to USS Liberty James E. Akins, a career foreign service officer, served as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia before his retirement in 1976. This article was adapted from a talk given by Ambassador Akins at the Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine in Washington, DC. and from his talk to the Liberty survivors at their 32nd reunion in 1999. Click on Ambassador Akins picture to read his excellent talk! (From Washington Report On Middle East Affairs, December 1999)

You can hear Ambassador Akins deliver this speech on September 29, 1999 at the Palestine Center in Washington, DC. by CLICKING HERE.

Half-hearted honors for the C.O. The March 1998 issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs" contains this article by Former Congressman Paul Findlay (R-IL) on how the Commanding Officer of the Liberty has been half-way honored in 1968 and again in 1997!


In 1987, Two brothers made a substantial contribution to build a new library in Grafton, Wisconsin which entitled them to name the library. They wanted to call it the "USS LIBERTY MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARY." Would you believe that there was an immediate outcry from supporters of Israel who deemed the name was somehow an attack upon Israel and an anti-Semitic slur? The Milwaukee Journal was on the side of the Jewish community and made the library naming difficult for the citizens of Grafton and for the survivors. Click on the picture on the right and read the story... which can only present a fraction of the actual problems which arose and see a few pictures of the dedication ceremony.

 PRAVDA interviews Liberty crew member John Hrankowski! CLICK HERE to read interview!

 PRAVDA interviews Nickolai Cherkashin, Navy submarine force Captain, and author of more than 30 books and 7 films. CLICK HERE to read interview!

The History Channel has aired their documentary "Coverup: The Attack on the USS Liberty" twice each day on 8/9/01, 3/14/02, 8/11/02, 10/21/02, 6/18/03, 7/18/03, 11/7/03, 2/13/04, 5/21/04 and on other unlogged days after that. The History International channel also has aired the program frequently, also. If you haven't seen it, the video is available for $20 plus $5 shipping at 1-800-708-1776.

The BBC has taken a new look at the Liberty incident and developed new facts pertaining to the 1967 Israeli assault on the Liberty. They've produced a documentary "Dead in the Water," which aired in England in June 2002, and was also shown in Germany, France and other European countries. It was shown at the Vancouver Film Festival in September and October 2002, the Cannes Film Festival in late October 2002, the Gloria International Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, on October 2003 and the "Israel and the Media" Film Festival at San Luis Obispo, CA. on June 26, 2004.

smallglb.gif Update: Film aired in Germany on 4/16/03 on ARD TV after German producers modified the film with late information. Scheduled for re-airing again on WDR TV soon. Also, BBC4 aired it again on May 17,and BBC2, which has the largest viewing audience worldwide, aired it on June 4, 2003. I'm told that both stations can be pulled up on Satellite Dish. Additionally, The film is slated for airing at RTE Ireland, RTV Slovenia, SBS Australia (aired on 8/23/2003), The History Channel Canada, VPRO-TV Netherlands. It is not scheduled for airing anywhere in the U. S. at this time.

(Note: The video can be viewed free here on this youtube page: [Video runs 1 hour 8 minutes]):

Some further BBC info at this web site:

In 2002, the Liberty survivors had commissioned a new video, produced by Tito Howard. The video, "Loss of Liberty," is a heart-rending documentary and tells the shocking story of the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty. The outstanding 52-minute video had its official world premiere in Washington, DC in June 2002. It is available for free viewing at:

The video, produced by Pat King, "USS Liberty Survivors: Our Story" is the first significant video made of the Liberty attack of June 8, 1967, when Israeli jet aircraft and motor torpedo boats brutally attacked the USS Liberty in international waters. It tells the story strictly from the personal accounts of the survivors and other key participants.

Admiral Moorer has never believed the attack was an accident and clearly says so. Captain Tully had never found out why his planes launched from the Saratoga were recalled, and that bothered him immensely. LT George Golden was fit to be tied because he couldn't get the stories in the Navy Court of Inquiry that he wanted to get in. The survivors tell what happened, no punches pulled. It's apparent to any viewer that the flag WAS flying, no matter what the Israelis say, and that the life rafts put in the water were shot up by the Israeli torpedo boats. Jim Ennes delineates some of the lies spread by the Israelis. Others wonder why the US coverup and what would have happened if the ship had turned out to have been Russian. A heart-rendering saga from the hearts of the survivors.

Click on logo on left to order the video, which is available on VHS or DVD. You can contact Pat direct and order by email to: [email protected]


It has been over 45 years since the Israeli massacre of the USS Liberty! The U.S. Government is still covering up the attack, not a single survivor has testified in a congressional investigation of the attack, while our detractors claim something like 13 investigations! The War Crimes charges filed by the Liberty survivors have yet to be answered after seven years!!!

Supporter Chris Looney had displayed some of the action and violence in two short high quality videos depicting the assault. Unfortunately, the High-Definition files do not seem to last very long on the internet, but we do have some fair quality copies that retain a good deal of the message:
(File runs only about 2 minutes) (File runs only about 1 1/2 minutes)

Is It OK To Criticize Israel? A short treatise by Jim Ennes.

Clicking Here will get you your senator's email and snail mail addresses.
Clicking here will help you find your representative and get you his/her email/snailmail address.

There is a FREE program available called GOVERNMAIL. The program will send email to ANY or ALL senators and representatives. (It will even tell you who they are!) Click on the logo at the left and get your copy!

Columnist friend of USS Liberty Charley Reese, syndicated columnist for the Orlando Sentinel is a good friend of the Liberty survivors. Click on his picture and see a couple of his recent columns.
(Regretfully, the Liberty survivors have lost a good friend. Charley passed away May 5, 2013/)

USS Liberty Photo Page Mgr Ed Mark, an ex-Liberty crewman has established the USS LIBERTY PHOTO ALBUM on the web. He has pictures and Real Audio sounds of Liberty crewmen and events there, including pictures of Reunion '99 there. Check it out by clicking on Ed's picture on the left. Ed's email address is:
[email protected]

FIRST CRUISE OF THE LIBERTY Bob Casale, a plank owner of the USS Liberty has posted an album of pictures of the Liberty's commissioning, it's first cruise, including some pictures of the officers and chiefs, and some of the reunions... all in his SNAPFISH account web pages. Register free, view all! Ever hear of a car wreck on a ship? Click on Bob's picture at right and check it out! Bob's email address is:
[email protected]

   The USS DAVIS (DD-937) was the first ship on the scene after the attack to assist the USS Liberty. Read the story by Gerry Surette by clicking on logo at left!

Sister ship of USS Liberty
Our sister ship, the USS PUEBLO's homepage. The Pueblo was captured by North Korea in January 1968, just about 7 months after the Liberty incident occurred. Click on logo at right to view.

(2/5/2010) The Pueblo web site has been revamped with much, much information included. Cdr. Richard A. Mobley's book, "Flash Point North Korea" has opened a new window on why PUEBLO was left without any protection. That information with the info from Mitch Lerner's, "The Pueblo Incident: A Spy Ship and the Failure of American Foreign Policy" show a total USN disregard for any semblance of protection for PUEBLO.

Pix of Sturman USS Liberty
Rocky's Liberty Page Click on survivor Rocky Sturman's picture on left for his web site which salutes his commanding officer of the USS Liberty.

Pix of Don Pageler USS Liberty
Survivor Don Pageler and wife Eva have developed the Liberty Turtle Page Check it out by clicking on his picture.

Pix of Ron Kukal USS Liberty Survivor Ron Kukal attributes his salvation to six miracles that happened the day Israel attacked the Liberty. Ron is deeply involved in a ministry by and for veterans, particularly involving PTSD. Click on his picture to check his page. Ron also has been instrumental in getting a museum display set up at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, One Waterside Drive Ste 248, Norfolk, VA 23510-1607 phone 757-322-2987 email [email protected] As a matter of fact, that's his Liberty uniform hanging there in the display. To see a snapshot of the museum display CLICK HERE

Ron always takes advantage of every opportunity to speak about the attack on the Liberty -- and he did recently at Goodfellow AFB in Texas. CLICK HERE to see a few snapshots.

Those of us that know Ron know that Ron never misses a chance to publicize the USS Liberty story. Ron is 24/7 alert for opportunities, and jumps into action when he comes upon one. When Ron heard about Wyoming's "Welcome Home" celebration for homecoming Vietnam veterans, he inveigled an invitation also, to meet the Governor and present him with a Liberty baseball cap. Check out these pictures: CLICK HERE to see!

Pix of Rick Aimetti USS Liberty
Survivor Rick Aimetti has gotten deeply involved with the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps and is now Commanding Officer of a unit in Babylon, NY. Click on Rick's picture on the right to view some information about the Sea Cadet Corps.

Fantail during cookout on USS Liberty

THE GOOD OLD DAYS! We didn't have the TRSSCOM dish on the fantail back in November 1966
-- and one of the things we used the fantail for was COOKOUTS! -- they were really
enjoyed by the crew. Particularly so when entertainment was provided by some of the men.
Here you can hear some 47+ years-old recordings of Ernie Gallo on the accordion, Hal Thompson
on the guitar, and Bob Scarborough's group really having a good time.
Click on the picture at the left and visit our cookout!


USS LIBERTY STAMPS! Make your own stamps for use on stationery!
Click on stamp on left to view available material!

     The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is probably the only magazine in the world that supports the Liberty survivors. And probably the only magazine in the world where you can get the truth about the Middle East problems. It supports the UN resolutions and traditional American support for human rights, self-determination, and fair play. If you've never seen this magazine, call 1-800-368-5788. They'll send you a free sample copy, hoping to welcome you as a subscriber.

Lots of good reading here at IF AMERICANS KNEW -- a compilation of many outstanding articles about the USS LIBERTY plus many other informative articles! Click on banner above to read!

By far, one of the absolutely best stories about the USS Liberty assault was written by Jim Ennes for THE LINK in the May/June '84 issue.
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Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU) was founded 34 years ago by Americans whose professions in medicine, church ministry, archaeology and diplomacy had taken them to the Middle East. AMEU strives to create in the United States a deeper appreciation of the culture, history and current events in that area. To achieve this goal, AMEU publishes The Link on a bi-monthly basis and sponsors educational programs. AMEU has archived every issue of THE LINK and can be seen on the web site. Click on the banner above to visit their site. The story of the USS LIBERTY (Publication #34) can be downloaded in .PDF format here:

USS Liberty Proud To Remember No Greater Love is committed to helping families, especially children, pay tribute to a loved one lost in service to our country or by an act of terrorism through annual public remembrance ceremonies and memorial dedications. It also brings these families together for mutual support at ceremonies, community events, luncheons and holiday parties.

CLICK HERE for a few pix of 2002 memorial services and a short (4 min) audio clip from MSNBC.

NGL is also committed to developing democracy's values in all of America's children through school activities, classroom remembrance ceremonies, letter writing to our troops, walks for peace, and the No Greater Love Pledge of Peace.

U. S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association. The NCVA is an organization of former Naval Cryptologic personnel.

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